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Woo! Ariel is built!

It took a while, but the planet, Ariel, is built and described. Getting closer to opening!!

Ariel was one of the first Terraformed planets in the Alliance, and it was almost a failure. much of the planet's rich land became covered in ocean. The project was almost scrapped when someone suggested building the city up through the water... Thus, Ariel came to be.

A couple hundred years of construction has spread Ariel City about the entire planet, so it nearly covers every bit of the surface. Since land was brought up over time, there is less and less ocean to be seen; however, the beauty of the watery world has always been maintained in places such as amusement areas and parks. It's almost impossible to tell that, once upon a time, most of Ariel was covered in water.

Since the combination of the three Universes, the Alliance has claimed Ariel as its base of operations, and while most are welcome within it, Independants must be exceptionally careful when entering and exiting the planet's sphere of influence. Those harboring alliance fugitives are in danger of being caught and detained indefinately. Known Browncoats from the war are also shunned here. As of late, the Alliance also keeps a close watch on non-human races, including all Rigelians, Lumanians, Andromedans, and especially Spung. Xenomorphs are not allowed at all on the planet's surface, with orders to shoot them on site if they step out of their transport.

Family life here is expecially comfortable. It is very well-to-do, though there are middle and lower classes as well. Even the lowest-paid family, though, has it much better than settlers on, say, Canton. Aside from a very acute Xenophobia from nearly all Ariel's Denizens, they are usually nice people. Ariel has its share of crime, but the police force, which is comprised of both a human and mecha force, has for the most part scared potential criminals out of acting. There is rarely an occurance where a criminal gets away completely free, and penalties are severe.

It is also a very, very clean place. There are many types of androids and nanobots constantly picking up after people that have dropped things, wither on purpose or by accident. It's a wise idea to be careful on Ariel, too... Littering is a highly punishable offense. If you're seen, you could face time in prison, whether it was on purpose or accidental.

The basic rule of thumb on this planet is: Don't break the rules, and everything will be okay.

@Whee. Time for bed now.
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