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Came up with a race! And a planet... or two. Hope it all makes sense. I haven't fully gotten their innate and optional powers worked out yet, so I'll leave those for another date.

Physically, the Atrenians bear no real, noticeable physical differences from humans and similar races, save the dragonlike wings 90% of the species grow at around the age of six or seven. At thirteen the wings and muscles involved with them have usually become strong enough for the young Atrenian to begin learning to fly. Due to the nature of their wings and the fact that their bones are not hollow, Atrenians have great upper body strength. Though they don't look overly muscular, the truth is that their muscles are reinforced, and are doubly strong. Even if an Atrenian loses one or both wings, or has them damaged in some way, the appendages will grow back/heal over the course of a month or two, if painfully. The only other differences they possess are an almost creepy agility and speed, as well as the tendancy of females to have clawlike nails that are as sharp as diamonds, and of the males to have extremely enhanced vision. The average height for males is around 5'11" to 6'8", females 5' to 6'.

The Atrenian race came close to utter anihilation two years ago when their homeworld, Siroc's core became unstable. This ultimately destroyed the planet. Hundreds of thousands perished in the subsequent earthquakes and volcanic erruptions as whole cities were leveled in instants, toppled into deep chasms, or covered in molten rock. It is unknown whether any of the residents of Siroc managed to escape the destruction, as the failure of the core struck with such ferocity and with little warning. Save for a colony on another world and the few spacecraft out on various missions, the race was almost totally wiped out.

The only Atrenians to escape destruction were the 10,000 or so living on the colonial planet X-502, or Arcadia as the residents choose to call it, located in a neighbouring solar system to Siroc. This is where any survivors of their homeworld's destruction would likely head, though so far, none have come. Thus the inhabitants of Arcadia do not yet know the fate that befell Siroc.

About the same size as earth with almost exactly the same gravity, Arcadia is a paradise comprised of around 30% forest, 60% water, and 10% mountainous terrain. The world is largely covered in a verdant forest, cut up in many places by glittering blue lakes, serene rivers, and bubbling streams. The planet does not have an ocean but many of the lakes that can be found on Arcadia are very large and deep, with plenty of diverse freshwater fish and creatures to be found. From the fuzzy, otter-like tawara to the fantastical whale-like elte... the waterways of this world can almost seem like miniature oceans, and thus have yet to be fully explored. The Atrenians living on Arcadia dwell in elaborate treehouses, in a beautiful city nestled safely among the branches of the giant trees. The few settlers that are without wings have proven to be excellent climbers due to their natural agility.
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