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Warning... This entry will be long!

Yensidians are, to say the least, geniuses. Intelligence seems born into their genes, and each one is at least skilled in some academic aspect. Though most are skilled in scientific and mathmatic fields, there are occasionally artists, though artists are quite rare. Engineering is a favorite occupation, and there are regularly competitions held to determine things such as "Best New Invention" or "Best Working Concept." Needless to say, levels of technology change on an almost daily basis. It is rare when a 'breakthrough' doesn't happen at least once a week.

However, even for all their intelligence, most Yensidians are not eager to go out and show it off. It comes naturally to them, just as breathing does. If they encounter someone of a lower intelligence (Humans, for example!) they will not go out of their way to make the person feel uncomfortable, just as a person that has no trouble breathing would not go out of their way to make a person who HAS trouble breathing feel uncomfortable. There are exceptions, as always.

As they are in a dimention directly parallel to the one in which Earth is located, they resemble humans quite closely. The main physical difference is the color streaks in their hair which don't seem to have any sort of genetic disposition. These colors range from black to white to red and blue and yellow and all colors between... Usually Yensidians have at least three different colors in addition to the base color, which tends to be brown.

Natural to all Yensidians is the ability to breathe in almost any atmosphere that has even a trace amount of oxygen. The only real area they cannot breathe is in the vacuum of space. They have gills; one set below each collar bone. Each set appears as three horizontal red slashes which, to the untrained eye, could actually be mistaken for an injury.

Also, Yensidians have the ability to pitch their consciousness into another living being. (Or a Sentient Android.) This is done by initial eye-contact. Yensidian eyes glow, which is thought to actually partially mesmerise their intended target. Then, they spirit jump into their target's mind, and are able to scan surface thoughts and even read deeper depending on the skill level each Yensidian posesses. Some Yensidians can even take control of a mind for a very short amount of time. Pitching consciousness can be somewhat dangerous, as it is possible to literally be thrown out of a mind. This can cause severe mental trauma, and can even cause a spirit to be trapped on the outside of its body for a time. It is a severe psychological and physical drain. The deeper a Yensidian enters into a target's mind, the more danger is involved. A Yensidian also must remain calm while in the mind of another, or they risk becoming trapped in their target's mind. There is an 'allergy' associated with this... Though all Yensidians have the ability to do it, some can't, as they risk being trapped for hours at a time. (As a Canon example of pitching consciousness, Suzee was skilled with this talent in the medium to high level.)

Because of their strong mental talents, some even exibit low to high talents with telepathy, empathy, and even telekinesis. Just because one has the ability to pitch consciousness, though, does not mean they have other mental talents. Suzee, for example, could not read minds nor speak mentally outside her pitch-consciousness talent.

Uncommon though recognized is the ability for a Yensidian to dimensionally weave their mind with the mind of another person. Usually this person is another Yensidian, though contact with people from other dimensions has been confirmed. It isn't something that happens on purpose... It is completely accidental, and is based on the theory that at any one time, the Yensidian dimension is passing through x-number of altering dimentions. If a Yensidian passes through the mind of another receptive individual, they gain the ability to see and speak with that person, though cannot manipulate objects in their contact's dimension. There is also commonly a "Sphere of Sight" where the contacts can actually look into each others' worlds and see their friends, etc. They literally become invisible friends to each other, and it is quite a special talent to posess. About 1/5 of Yensidians develop this talent some time in their lives. The exact number is unsure, as it is also possible for a Yensidian to reject such a connection. It is theorized that quite a few do, so the number of people with this talent might actually be as high as 1/3.

Lastly is the strange, extremely rare ability for a Yensidian to actually be able to connect with and control/speak with plantlife. It is called 'Greenlore,' and is so rare, there aren't actually any statistics for it. Usually, two or three cases are reported in each generation, and the trait is usually apparent from birth. It isn't uncommon for plantlife to bend toward an infant Yensidian that posesses the Greenlore trait.

As always, any questions, please talk to Sky ongame.
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