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Persephone and Lumanians

Persephone is a well-to-do planet, one inhabited mostly be humans who have, being so far-removed from earth, created their own set of laws and rules with which to govern themselves. The capital city on the planet's surface is aptly named Persephone City, and it is the home of the richest families of them all.

It is a mixture of tradition and modern aspects, with both tall skyscrapers and an old oriental feel. There are shops on the streets as well as expensive shops. Instead of mannequins, real ladies and gentlemen actually model merchendise in the windows for citizens and travelers alike to see.

Don't let the simple beauty fool you, though. There are many modern conveniences... For example, state-of-the-art security systems that are meant to detect firearms, specifically. It is not permissable to jaunt around the city with a firearm strapped to your side unless you've recieved a special CCW from the goverment... And if you're rich enough, and influential enough, those are easy enough to get ahold of.

Since Persephone is free of Alliance influence for the most part (There is the odd Blue Sun vendor here and there, though) it has its own set of laws. For example, striking someone in public is tantamount to calling a Dual - A swordfight where there can be only one victor, and the loser ends up dead.

In addition to the city, there is a small settlement of aliens outside it - the Lumanians. They live in their crashed Starship, the Dh'I. It is actually quite large and accomodating; within is everything from a Hatchery to a Biosphere. The Lumanians themselves are a rather secretive race, though since they've been living on Persephone, more is known about them than before.

They are, for the most part, a peaceful species, but will fight if provoked. Though they are quite technologically advanced - perhaps the most advanced in the Triverse, they enjoy activities such as storytelling and are quite big on family ties. Most are talented with the gift of Prophesy, and a select few can see clearly what the future will hold... This can, of course, be used as a weapon. It is, in fact, known among the Lumanians that the Spung Empire once captured a young Lumanian female, extracted her DNA, and after torturing her and leaving her for dead, started injecting the Lumanian DNA into Spung Eggs.

Some young were born Oracles, though they were all female... Mostly, the Lumanian DNA killed the Spung embryos, leaving only a few alive. The trait is carried on to offspring, though the Lumanians eventually developed a species-specific disease which would attack the parts of the Spung mind responsible for their Talent, and destroy it. For that reason, there are very few Spung oracles... As the disease, too, is genetic, most Spung carrying the disease gene will pass it onto their young as well.

Some Lumanians are also talented illusionists. Even from a young age, they are able to project images that seem quite real... At times, the illusions are better than weapons abilities, as the potential to create fear in an attacker is quite high. Some Lumanians also form strong mental bonds with other Lumanians, be they best friends or lovers. This Active Link is called a Diad or a Triad. Very rarely are there more than three included in the Link. These telepathically-connected Lumanians are so sensitive to the feelings of others, that they are unable to fight, lest they cause mental anguish to themselves.

At this time, the Lumanian Colony is only a couple rooms, until we actually get an active, played colony. ^_^
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