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Another ad I've been posting...

This is an ad I posted on FFMUX... If you're posting on a MU*, this is a bit more geared to attract players that have MU*'ed before.

Hey, all!

Triverse MUSH is a real-time online RP with various RP rooms, special objects, starships, and more, where people can meet with other fans, take up a character, and scene right on the spot.

It has its roots in sci-fi, and is, in fact, for the most part an original Science Fiction setting, except for the fact that it derives some people, places, and events from three fandoms - Firefly, Space Cases, and Alien. You don't have to know any of the series at all to play there... If you have a great idea for an original sci-fi character, Triverse MUSH is the perfect place for you! In fact, it is very OC-friendly. Characters, for example, can get a crew together and own a Starship all their own, traveling the Galaxy with no one around to tell them where they can or cannot go.

There are currently a few places open for RP, including Earth, which has an active Alien colony, and Phoenix, where the dead are mysteriously rebirthed... FCs and OCs alike require a short application process, but if you'd like to get started reading news files and thinking about your character, you're welcome to connect to: port 7776

If you have any questions while ongame, feel free to page Sky or Wind. If you'd like to chat before you connect, you can page Kain or Ifrit here on FFMUX.

E. Liz

Go ahead and fix it so that it fits wherever you're posting it. ^_^
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