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Triverse MUSH!

This is the advertisement I've posted to a couple LJ communities. If you have somewhere you want to post it, go ahead and take the ad and stick it up somewhere. On your own journal or another online RP you play at... Anywhere's fine. ^_^

Triverse MUSH is a real-time online RP with various RP rooms, special objects, starships, and more, where people can meet with other fans, take up a character, and scene right on the spot.

The theme? It's a cross between Firefly, Space Cases, and Alien! You don't have to be familiar with all the series to play there, either. If you're a fan of Space Cases but haven't seen Firefly or Alien, you'll fit in just fine. Totally original science fiction characters are also welcome. For more information, please see the triverse community. Information there ranges from places to species to the origin of the Triverse Galaxy.

Currently, the following places are open for RP: Earth, Phoenix (Original Planet), Kjkk (Alien Spung outpost), Canton, and Ariel. More locations are being built.

To take a character requires a short application process. No characters are currently filled. For more information on applying, telnet or direct your favorite client to: port 7776

...and follow the onscreen directions to connect as a guest. When you're connected, type 'news' to get started.

Any questions, please page the headwiz, Sky.

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