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The Minor Worlds!

Pluto is one of the deadest planets that came through when the three universes combined. It doesn't have any inherant culture... It is just a settlement point for those that work at Starcademy... which orbits Pluto's moon, Charon. Charon is wholly undeveloped.

Titan! Saturnians are very fond of color. It shows in their paintings, in their decor... Even in their hair. Saturnians can have an infinite number of varying colors in their hair, and they are very proud of that fact. Their domed cities are full of plantlife, wildlife, and a whole bunch of museums and educational facilities and art galleries.

That's correct! Saturnians not only love color, but they are quite intellectual as well. Most don't participate in physical activity, so there are no professional sports teams at all on Titan. Most content themselves with learning or fine arts, and those that are inclined toward sports normally join earther teams.

Saturnians have the innate ability to unleash a sonic blast in the form of an audible scream. The older one is, the more powerful the blast... However, they must practice to reach a peak level, and not everyone does. It isn't considered remarkably important to be able to knock down buildings, after all. ^^ Saturnians also tend not to scream too much in public. As they are not immune to their own sonic powers, it is considered disturbing the peace to use them for no reason.

Very, very rarely, Saturnians have been known to develop an 'invisible' friend. Until recently, many believed this to be the product of disturbed minds... however, it's been recently confirmed that this phenomenon of cross-dimensional friendship actually does exist! This is a very rare trait, though. Only three or four Satunians are born a year that develop the talent.

For a more detailed look at Saturnians, check out romcd's post.

There's no other way to say this... Mercury is HOT. The surface is considerably higher than 100 degrees in all places, and it usually hovers close to 150 to 175. Then again... The Mercurians that call this planet home have a body temperature of 205.8 degrees.

For that reason, there are very few people that can explore Mercury's surface, and visitors are normally confined to the much cooler domed airlock. Mercurians to like to have visitors, but they are also savvy to the fact that anyone that stepped into the planet proper would likely cook pretty quickly. Or at least burn severely.

Mercurians are perpetually happy... They can't not be. Chemically, their mind produces and excess of endorphins that cause pleasure, and for that reason, things that would get the average human down just seem to make the average Mercurian all the more determined. There are, of course, some Mercurians that are happier than others, and some that aren't always happy. It isn't noticable planetside, but if a Mercurian gets upset, he will overheat. This is their body's natural defense mechanism... Though what it's defensive of is anyone's guess.

There are usually parties and celebrations on Mercury... Mostly because the Mercurians have a holiday for just about every day of the year. There was one day on the Earth-Standard December Calendar that didn't have a holiday, but recently it was designated as 'Previously Didn't Have a Holiday' day, and is spent with family and relatives and there's usually a sit-down luncheon in the afternoon. Other holidays include 'Don't Draw Backgrounds Day', 'Afternoon of the Sleep-in-'til Three Day', and 'Run Around Laughing Day.' ...This is, among others.

Offworld, Mercurians have initial trouble adjusting to what they call 'cold.' Since they are used to a hot environment, they must adjust their body temperature to compensate, and this can take a while. Normally a Mercurian living offworld for the first time will catch Pneumonia several times before they conquer the cold, and it leaves their immune systems weak. However, that doesn't matter, as the only viruses that don't burn up on contact with a Mercurian exist on their home planet... Back in the Rigel system. There is rarely a case of a Mercurian with a virus. Pneumonia, yes, as well as other non-communicable diseases, but rarely viruses.

Mercurians are specialists when it comes to any empathic careers... Medical and Veteranary sciences tend to be their favorites, though they are also qualified psychologists and artists. It is hard not to like a Mercurian... Their only fault is that their cheeriness sometimes gets on peoples' nerves.

More coming soon!
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