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Placeholder rooms have been designed/parented/ANSIcolored for all the zones. There's 16 of them. o.O; Most of those will simply remain one-room areas, though... IE Pluto, Mercury, and Titan... Those places aren't likely to be more than one or two rooms. However, they can be built up in the future if necessary.

There's 70 rooms at the moment. It looks like there's going to end up being around 100 - 120 rooms total, which I think is a pretty good amount. I just have to @dig and @desc them all... x_x No easy task. ^_^ Ah, well. Earth is going to be the largest area... It's the place most people are likely to meet to RP. The one thing I still have to do, though, is build some airships...

Things to do today:

Build Canton
Build Christa
Build Keh-Zada II
Write-up on Canton

Looks like it'll be open for RP mid-February. Yay!
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