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The 'Out There' and Original Characters.

Triverse Galaxy, as it's called, is an eight-planet system revolving around a binary star couple. Basically what happened was that three universes combined, and the bulk of them ended up in one Galaxy. Some have explained this as being a time factor. Whatever hole in time-space caused the three universes to merge worked like a funnel, pouring the larger amount into a smaller container, so to speak.

That means that there's still a lot of space out there left, as of yet, unexplored. It's unknown as to whether this Universe was created because of factors causing everything to combine in the first place, or whether the universe was already there and just got a whole new Star System dumped into it. Theories point toward the latter, as some creatures and sentients have been observed that no one else seems to recognize. It's been speculated that an exploding star in the current universe, combined with the explosions simultanious in the other universes, basically added everything together.

It kinda breaks down like this...

We'll call the game 'Universe A'.

o Universe A is happy and content, when suddenly, a star supernovas...
o There's a simultanious parallel explosion in three other time-space locations. This rips a hole right through dimensional barriers, and the force generates a black hole.
o Pieces of each universe tear off like bits of paper, funneling into the greater universe where the Supernova first occured.
o The fabric of space tries to mend itself and build up new barriers. The Triverse Galaxy is like a bandaid on the fabric of space.

...It should be noted, though, that the barrier isn't quite 'healed' yet. ;) What fun shall come of that? :D

At the game's start, it has been three months since the Triverse formed. Not many remember exactly what it was that happened... Memories seem confused and absent around that point in history. Some remember feeling other voices inside their heads shortly after the initial explosion, and some simply blacked out and only regained a conscious mind when everything was settled back down.

Interesting to note is that nothing was actually destroyed. Things were taken from various galaxies and universes, rearranged, and send back into orbit as if nothing at all had happened. The Alliance has since repaired much of what it lost, including buying out many earth-based facilities and revealing itself to be a backer of the Blue Sun Corporation. Though it hasn't constructed anything new, it has already installed itself into several existing structures.

Some places were untouched, such as the Alliance HQ on Ariel, and the STARDOG HQ on Earth. The Starcademy, along with the planet, Pluto, also came in-tact. Many other places exist, too.

In order to attempt to fix things a bit, time folded in on itself, creating from the memories of people a new planet now called Phoenix. Planetary surveys have shown it to be nothing extraordinary, but for some reason, though who die reappear here on occasion, whole, as if they were never dead at all. This is a source of some interest... Some believe it is where the wound in Time-Space might have originated... Though that is just idle speculation and not widely accepted.

No one is entirely sure what's out there, though sentient creatures can and often do travel into the Triverse Galaxy to explore, and say hello to the newcomers, and ask what happened and whatnot. This provides people whom have never seen any of the three core series with the opportunity to apply an original character and still join in on the science-fiction setting of Triverse MUSH. OCs, indeed, are very welcome, and under 'series' would be listed as 'Original.' Powers are negotiable and we urge people looking to app an OC to speak with admin FIRST. We are there to help, not shoot you down. :)

Please refrain from apping characters from other sci-fi universes, though. We don't want to see Star Wars or Star Trek, nor clone characters from any of those series. (IE: don't app a Vulcan-like character named 'Spork' with all Spock's abilities and mannerisms. It'll be rejected.) If you're not sure, it's always best to ask.
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