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All About Phoenix

Phoenix is built, and with that...

Phoenix is the one totally original location on Triverse MUSH. The reason it was created is... Well, basically for the Alien cast, as nearly every person died. Phoenix is a place where they suddenly end up reborn... However, this also means that is someone wants to kill off an FC for whatever reason, the next person that takes the character can have them 'reborn' here with no memory of the IC events that occurred with the other player, without actually retconning the events. This saves a bit of time and frustration on finding logs if the characters old player cannot be found However, should the new player of an FC wish to retain any and all memories the character created while held by the old player, that is also allowable. OCs are also welcome to claim Phoenix as a starting point.

The planet itself is mostly desert and ocean. In fact, it's about half and half... The desert gives way to a beach, which eventually becomes an ocean. There is one rather large oasis on the surface of the planet, though... That's at the end of a river which springs from the ocean. The river forms into a waterfall, which drops into an impossibly deep pool. There is a rainforest surrounding the pool, but eventually that abruptly stops and turns into desert land.

Some people attempt to travel into the desert to see what else might be out there... Even though planetary surveys have shown nothing but a continuous desert for miles and miles in one hemisphere, and a continuous ocean for miles and miles in the other. Those that venture out into the desert rarely return, though search parties have never been able to recover any bodies. In fact, sometimes the search parties that go off in search of missing persons also never come back. Expeditions by plane to search for a Xenomorph colony have turned up fruitless... No one is certain what happens to the explorers. Any attempts to monitor disappearances have also turned up nothing.

The one creature indiginous to the planet is an almost intangible small red bird. They flit around the oasis all over the place, from the trees to the plains... Some even hang out near the ocean. They are friendly and quite intelligent. Some have even picked up languages and speak them quite well. There's no mistaking the fact that they are sentient beings, capable of complex thought and friendships. Occasionally, one will emotinally attach itself to a Phoenix newcomer. No one is quite sure why. The birds are simply called Phoenix, and they give the planet its name. The Phoenix are never referred to as 'pets.' Given their intelligence, those that choose to travel with a person are called 'Companions' or 'Familiars.'

The Phoenix as a companion is actually very useful. They can phase in and out of tangibility, and though they are never completely invisible, they can become quite translucent. There are some barriers they cannot phase through... Unnatural or man-made structures such as cement or pressboard, for example; however, wooden and stone structures are easily traversed. The Phoenix are good talkers, and intelligent. They don't bond with a person they don't like, and will only choose a person who will want their companionship. This seems to be some sort of psychic trait, though the full power of the birds' psionics is, as of yet, unexplored.

That was a long one. ^_^
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