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So far, these are the factions you can belong to. There will probably be more as time goes on.


The 'Bad Guys' from Firefly. They are an amalgamation of people, mostly Chinese or American, and they basically make all the rules. In the war to ally all the planets, these guys won (Thus the name, Allied Planets.) Think of them as a sort of everpresent military police force.)

-Blue Sun-

This is a mysterious faction... Not much is know about them, except for the fact that River doesn't like them too much. It's a corporation, and their goal is to create weapons out of psychics... But for what purpose? (There will be a full entry on the Blue Sun corp at a later date.)


The Spung outpost. See previous post about Kjkk and the Spung for more details.


There will be a Lumanian faction operating off Persephone. More on this later.


The main faction for the Space Cases cast. This is the school in outer space that orbits Pluto. Students and teachers alike belong to this faction... Most of the people associated with the old SC Universe were associated with Starcademy in some way.


The 'Independents' from Firefly, AKA those that lost the war. After their forced surrender at the battle of Serenity Valley, most Browncoats turned to independent trade, smuggling, and piracy. They are not usually welcome in Alliance zones, but unless they are known criminals or harboring fugitives, they are left alone.


There will be more on Xenos later, but the ONLY APPABLE XENOS will be from Earth. They are less hostile than the Mars-based colony, and the other two colonies are unexplored. This may change in the future.

The following channels will be created eventually:

Alien, SpaceCases, Firefly

Any other suggestions for factions or channels, please comment.
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