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Considering I just build Kjkk, I thought I'd post a bit about it. As I finish sections of the grid, I'll post little blurbs up here for people to read.

Kjkk Outpost is a rather large Space Station originally free-floating near the planet, Kareesh9. By near, I mean it was within several dozen light years... But Kareesh was the nearest named and explored Zone under which the station could be classified. It functioned as a planet of sorts... Self-sufficient, many generations of Spung were born and raised there without ever knowing their home world.

There is, of course, a small militia that formed over time, and once in a while, maybe every ten years or so, a supply ship would arrive from Home and make sure they were caught up on their needs. It was in this way that the militia aquired weapons and the like. The Kjkkians were pretty peaceful, for the most part, and lived on their own away from the Spung Empire for many years...

Until the three universes combined. As fate would have it, the Killcruiser (dubbed Keh-Zada II) carrying Warlord Shank and his daughter, Elmira, appreared in space not too far away from Kjkk. They, needless to say, took over the outpost, recruiting the militia into the Spung army. They did, however, allow the families to stay aboard if they wanted... Though most, excited at the proposition of exploring a new world, struck out on their own.

Currently, Kjkk is under military control. There is a mayor of sorts, who is thought to know much about the outpost itself. So much, that upon accepting the duties as leader of the outpost, he changes his name to Kjkk, in honor of the station. Shank, however, is pretty much in charge of the station, and basically tells the mayor how to act and what to say. If anyone wants to app this figurehead mayor, contact the staff.

Family life aboard Kjkk is actually quite comfortable. Leaving and coming back is restricted, but for those that have no desire to leave the comfort of the Outpost, they are very well-off. Shank is not a heartless Spung, and he treats most others of his kind with respect. He is quite heavy-handed with the military, though, and will not hesitate to kill an underling, should the need arise. This is what makes him so feared and respected, at the same time.

Most Spung are somewhat racist, and tend to stick to their own kind. This, however, is mostly because a lot of the Kjkk Spung have never even seen another race before, ever. Some, of course, will warm up to others over time, as Spung are not predisposed to violence in any way. Military ideals cause some to think they are superior to others in the universe... Indeed, those Spung still living in the outpost are very intolorant of other races, thanks to propaganda fed to them by Shank's troops.

Young Spung are hatched from eggs. Normally a female will lay one or two... Very rarely more than that. The young are born quite small and helpless, though between their birth and the age of one year, they mature rapidly. Most are aware of their surroundings and can complete simple thoughts in speech before their first birthday. After age one, they mature at a slower pace. However, due to their fast growth rate in that first year, Spung are considered mature, both physically and mentally, around age fourteen.

Spung are monotreme-like creatures. They lay eggs and have characteristics of other known classes (In this case, they are reptilian), however, they lactate and care for their young. They are very dedicated, and family is very important to the Spung.

In addition to the Kjkk Outpost and the Killcruiser, it is rumored that several smaller craft carrying 'Hunter' Spung also arrived. Though laid-back, Hunters are somewhat predisposed to fits of temper, thus, they tended to be loners. Their scales are a lighter green, almost yellow color. Amirge, Tongo, and Kirge are examples of Hunter-Spung.

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